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LRSwebLINK - Secure CPU-to-CPU Links Using the Internet

Free Medical Policy Server LRSwebLINK simplifies the connections between different systems at different hospitals or laboratories, making it possible to transfer orders, results, and other information between LIS systems, without the expense of dedicated communications lines.

Metricom's proprietary LRSweb architecture provides a completely secure environment for bi-directional communications over the World Wide Web. This allows unprecedented flexibility for connecting and exchanging data between systems located across the street, across the country, or anyplace in the world that has access to the Web.

  • Low Cost:
    Remote installation and support
    No dedicated workstations required
    No dedicated phone lines

  • Enhanced Support:
    No site visits for software revisions
    Automated upgrades and enhancements
    Simultaneous releases to all users

  • Security:
    'Firewall-friendly' (makes outbound connections only)
    Meets HCFA and HIPAA standards
    Offline, private-key encryption
    Multi-level password pretection

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