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LRSweb: Electronic Requisitions and Results on the Web

LRSweb is a WEB-based electronic laboratory requisitioning application that operates on standard Windows PCs from any location that has access to the Internet and the World-Wide Web (e.g., physician's offices, nursing homes, patient service center, drawing station, or hospital clinic). With its user-friendly interface, LRSweb enables the user to easily create and send electronic requisitions to the servicing laboratory, with a paper backup copy that accompanies the specimen.

Now being offered through Metricom's ASP (Application Service Provider) web site, laboratories can realize the many advantages of LRSweb at very low cost, paying only for the amount of the service actually used. Follow the links below to learn more about LRSweb:

LRSweb function and features

How LRSweb works

Getting started with LRSweb

Interactive LRSweb demonstration

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